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Quality and Commitment in mechanical design

Frans Brandjes Engineering B.V. is a leading mechanical design office specializing in complex mechanical constructions. Recent projects include the engineering and production of special cranes, platforms, hatches, lifts and doors for the shipbuilding industry. In the civil engineering sector this involves automated bike storages, a cheese-packing machine, architectural stairs and a shredder for a carpet manufacturer. In addition to projects for our customers we develop products including a patented loading and unloading system for vans and an innovative disabled lift.

Research on a closing mechanism for doors onboard ships has resulted in a patent in several countries.

In all projects we aim to achieve the highest possible standards and an integral solution, where next to technology and cost reduction, design plays an important role. This results in designs that are simple, easy to use and efficient, in the final production as well as in the cooperation. This is one of the reasons that we use 3D-CAD for designing, calculating, simulating, visualizing and digital delivery of all necessary data. You can therefore have the most up to date information at your disposal at any time.

Besides quality, Frans Brandjes Engineering B.V. distinguishes itself through a high level of involvement with the projects. This applies at the first stages of the project, during the execution of the work as well as during the production. Our experienced members of staff are often approached to give advice even after completion of the project. Obviously we are happy to advice you about the best solutions throughout the project especially technical and financial.